21 Days to Celebrate Your Brilliance & Reclaim Your Power

(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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DAY 12

Sandy Leathem
Importance of Presence

Sandy Leathem believes wholeheartedly that the time is NOW for women to rise together and claim their voice, self- confidence, courage, clarity and creativity to speak their heartfelt truth whenever required. 

Sandy supports and guides women to reclaim their embodied knowledge and be a stand for what truly matters in this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty.
She is passionate about shifting the dominant paradigm to create value driven inclusivity and relational connected ways of leading within family’s, communities and workplaces.
Sandy is a mother, a grandmother and founder of ‘Movement Matters’ and as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and physiotherapist is super passionate and committed to helping others unleash and navigate their own inner compass, truly empowering them to live and love life from their true authentic being.

Sandy’s legacy is to leave this world a better place for all to fully live fully their unavowed dreams. 

In this session, we talk about:
  • How Sandy got to become a WomenSpeak Circle Leader in Victoria, Australia with the charismatic and amazing KC Baker.
  • ​Sandy demonstrates a simple model to explain the importance of being present and coming home to yourself using Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity.
  • Explains why when we react, we are 'offline' and not responsive to rationalization or logic (this helps when dealing with people with trauma or young children)
  • ​How being present and responsible for our own inner world, when we are integrated and grounded we co-regulate each other's emotions. It starts with us being self contained and calm before we can influence others (like the Dalai Lama)
  • ​Using colours to represent our inner state - green, orange and red, and being aware of where we are so that we recognize the signs early before we 'pop'.
  • ​Sandy's super tip for young mums and how she would be more playful and creative if she were to do it all again
  • ​Other programs she offers to help you connect your mind and body 
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