21 Days to Celebrate Your Brilliance & Reclaim Your Power

(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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DAY 15

Hema Patel
Supersize Your Belief

Hema is a mindset coach who delivers Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her thing is transforming procrastinators and procrastilearners into FEARLESS action takers, who stop playing small and activate their zone of genius. So they can go on to create the badass impact and legacy they truly desire.

In this session, we talk about:
  • How Hema left the corporate world and into Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer
  • ​Difference between confidence and self belief. Confidence is the building while the self belief is the foundation
  • ​How do we build self belief through self care and self love - self care is where we do all the things to nourish our bodies while self care is the next level of honoring the commitment to ourself, our values and essential requirements
  • ​Are you playing the GAME of life every day? (GAME = Gratitude, Affirmation, Meditation and Exercise).
  • ​How to make an Affirmation more powerful by adding the word “because…”
  • ​The many benefits of RTT. It is guided meditation that helps you access alpha and beta states to increase relaxation, it helps you increase creativity, you are more trusting, you’re tapping into intuition, increases wisdom
  • ​How RTT may take you back to a past memory that you weren’t aware of
  • ​Hema’s past memory of being less than a year old and left alone and how that lead to her belief that she wasn’t important and that her voice wasn’t important
  • ​RTT doesn’t often take you back to the most traumatic experience in your life, it could be the most trivial thing which reveal a hidden gem
  • ​Once you discover a negative belief, take massive action to clear it out of your mind
  • ​The concept of procrastilearners and how it’s about taking consistent discipline action to get results
  • ​Hema combines RTT and coaching to shift deep rooted subconscious beliefs to align the body, mind and internal identity to achieve permanent results.
  • ​Why we can take action and still not get results. Why Hema believes in taking fearless action. (FEARLESS = Feel the fear and do it anyway. Have supportive people in your Environment. Take massive Action. Repetition of action. Learn from what is going on and adapt and grow. Enjoy the process. Embrace failure as part of the learning just like a baby learning to walk. Celebrate Success, because Comparisonitis is a progress killer. Celebrating success is a progress booster. Shift in Identity, it’s all about who you become.
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