21 Days to Celebrate Your Brilliance & Reclaim Your Power

(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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DAY 19

Maris Segal
Unpacking Your Self Doubt Suitcase

Since her teens, Maris Segal has been bringing a creative collaborative voice to issues, causes and brands to unite diverse populations across a wide spectrum of business, policy, and social issues in the U.S. and Abroad. At the core of Maris’ work is her expertise as a strategist, peak performance builder and coach in Business Relationship Marketing and Leadership, Public Affairs, Organizational Development, Project Management, Cause Related and Social Impact, and Stakeholder Engagement. 

Working closely with the public and private sectors, she has created transformational results in all areas of her client’s lives from office to home. Maris believes that how we show up at the office is how we show up everywhere. Maris is the CEO of her award-winning life and company, Prosody Creative Services, owned with her husband and best friend Ken Ashby. 

As an entrepreneur Maris has been fortunate to serve not-for profits and governments large and small as well as credit card, consumer and pharmaceutical brands and their agencies. In particular, she has worked with the White House, Harvard, Heads of State, Olympic organizers and hundreds of celebrities across the arts, sports, entertainment and culinary arenas to impact millions. Maris’ philanthropy coaching with luminaries has supported bringing their community and global visions to life.

In this session, 

In this session, we talk about:
  • Unpacking Your Self-Doubt Suit Case. From the schoolhouse to the White House and from thought leaders and athletes to home makers, at some point in everyone’s life the “Not Good Enough” self-doubt neon sign in our heads gets in the way. It is a human condition that leaves no one untouched. We may not even be aware of the exact moment, but it shows up where and how we show up!
  • ​Maris uses the BCLEAR Principles to help people clear their path of internal baggage and insecurities to transform their personal and professional lives into a world of joy, confidence, passion and fulfilment. BCLEAR Pillars  - 1. Be kind to others and to ourselves 2. Communicate with our words, use positive words when talking to ourselves 3. Listen for understanding and with empathy and compassion 4. Engage, play nicely with others and ourselves 5. Acknowledge and accept people for where they are, do the same to ourselves 6. Reframe, shift your perspective 7. Relationships rule - value relationships with others and ourselves. 
  • Ask yourself "How do you value yourself (scale of 1 - 10)?"
  • ​What is leadership and recognizing it in your kids and in yourself
  • ​How we get to show up for ourselves first before we can be in service for others
  • ​Living with self doubt and not letting it stop you from moving forward
  • ​Maris' shares her personal experiences in leading and managing large teams, lessons she learnt along the way
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