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(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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Paola Rodriguez
Self care for mums

Paola Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, world traveler, foodie, wife, and mom of two boys. 
After 10+ years in corporate America, she founded to serve as the bridge between artisans around the world and women who
express their beauty in a very unique way. 
She relates to color and statement pieces in a way that becomes easy to remember that life is in the little details. 
She is all about highlighting beauty and appreciating the unique gifts every woman has. 
Her vision is to empower artisans to thrive in their communities and inspire women around the world to love themselves, own their voice, their power and their unique beauty. 
Along with this, she created The Language of Beauty Tribe, the movement that takes a stand for every woman to have a lifestyle based on Self Love. 
She currently coaches women into having a lifestyle where self care is an everyday practice and self love is the cornerstone. 
It empowers women to tap into their unique beauty, lead from the heart and share their gifts generously to inspire, impact and leave a legacy.
In this session we talk about:
  • ​What self care looks like especially for a mum and fitting it into your schedule
  • ​Paola's morning ritual
  • The importance of asking for support
  • ​How to operate from a place of power instead of victimhood
  • ​Being a source of what we desire to create the experience and results we want to see
  • ​A must have mindset for a happy marriage
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