21 Days to Celebrate Your Brilliance & Reclaim Your Power

(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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DAY 21

Gia Helena
The Art of Living Boldly

"A south American Woman by nature; a Psychologist, Trainer and Coach by education; a Warrior by Life formation
and a Mother by Choice"

From a young age, Gia had to learn about creating a life of Boldness and Courage for herself. From being sexually and physically abused as a child, to overcoming depression, anxiety and eating disorders, to becoming a single mother in a foreign country. Gia’s story is that of a warrior, teaching us that anyone has the power to transform their wounds into scars of victory. Today she is a lifestyle entrepreneur, Confidence Business coach and
keynote speaker. For over 17 years Gia teaches Courage, Leadership, Personal Branding and High Performance, assisting members of boards, artists, entrepreneurs, mums, managers, CEO's, designers, athletes, and counsellors, touching the lives of hundreds while teaching at Head Quarters such as Adidas, BMW, Coca-Cola, Swarovski, among other major players across the globe.

Since 2001, she has been dedicated to working in service of women, being launched this 2020 her first book SEXY COURAGE, teaching other women how to overcome struggle and reemerge victorious at
the workplace. Founder of LIVING WITH BOLDNESS, an online learning community which offers Workshops, Retreats, Classes and lots of inspiration, for those who are hungry for braveness, self worth, confidence and

In this session, we talk about:
  • ​How do you embrace the art of living boldly into your life?
  • ​How to overcome Trauma and how trauma victims can make a big mistake in holding onto their trauma as a mistaken identity
  • ​Gia's 4 step process for living boldly
  • ​What a lifestyle of living boldly looks like, overcoming Pefectionism, performer mode to being mode.
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