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(March 3rd - 24th, 2021)

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Christopher Lembke
Equality Movement in Society

Christopher spent 25 years in mostly entrepreneurial positions connecting and interacting with stakeholders. Those experiences serve him well in his current pursuits that started taking form in 2016. Moving deeper into the human experience and exploring how he could use his experience, skills and knowledge to serve humanity, Christopher started coaching people and businesses on finding their passion, as well as sharing his own discoveries and forays into deep consciousness. This evolution would have been for nought if he had not accepted the challenge to also mature and grow personally.

Spiritual and personal evolution go hand in hand, but one must choose to pursue them individually, and on this journey Christopher has developed unique perspectives to the human experience that he now teaches and shares with as many people that resonate with it. People come to Christopher for personal and spiritual guidance and coaching, business coaching and consulting, energy healing and meditation exploration. His words come from deep within and find their ways into the depth of souls to heal, sooth, awaken and/or activate. His recordings are profoundly meaningful, and he has been called to a global stage to share his teachings and wisdom. Once you have been in his presence, you will be forever changed. Get ready for your paradigm shift and allow him to elevate your life.

In this session, we talk about:
  • What started off as a discussion of alpha females and patriarchy lead to an enlightening discussion of self compassion and acceptance as the solution to social inequality. Instead of targeting the symptoms, Christopher takes us to the real cause, by going to the roots of the problems underlying the divide and intolerance. 
  • Passion driven organizations as the solution to a more inclusive world.
  • ​Christopher also talks about authenticity, healing the inner child, finding your passion and soul awakening. 
  • ​The power of choice
  • ​The Pandemic being the new normal and how it's causing a mindfulness movement
  • ​The starting point of any transformative journey, the question you need to ask yourself
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